What a Joke!

Okay, I was accused of assualting a theme park employee, then after 30 mins of questioning by security and police, told it was a case of mitaken identity (Yeah right, I’m 5’7″ & mexican, soooo many people you can mistake me for) and told to carry on with my evening.

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Hello world!

Wow what a bad experience I had at Silverwood! The roller coaster we rode broke down just as we were about to do the loop the loop. It went partially up the loop and stopped. We rocked back and forth until it stopped on the tracks. Bad attitudes from the staff made us feel that we made the mistake, not them.  The funny thing was that we had been talking about Final Destination 3 and the roller coaster accident  just before we got on. Glad our accident did not end up like the one in the movie.  They offered us free passes, BAH! Like I would ever go back there again!

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